Proposed Legislation

Ohio House Bill 345 and Senate Bill 213

Introduced to “establish a moratorium on horizontal stimulation of oil and gas wells until the United States Environmental Protection Agency publishes a report containing the results of a study of the relationship of hydraulic fracturing to drinking water resources and the Chief of the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management issues a report analyzing how Ohio’s rules address issues raised in the USEPA report.”

Ohio Senate Bill 212
Introduced to “establish requirements governing well stimulation, brine disposal, and water that is used in the drilling and operation of oil and gas wells on state land, including a requirement that oil and gas permittees pay a five per cent overriding royalty for each well that is stimulated.”

H.R.2766 and S.1215
Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act of 2009. Introduced to “amend the Safe Drinking Water Act to: (1) repeal the exemption from restrictions on underground injection of fluids near drinking water sources granted to hydraulic fracturing operations under such Act; and (2) require oil and gas companies to disclose the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing operations.”

Ohio House Bill 418
Introduced to “establish a moratorium until January 1, 2015, on the disposal by injection into an underground formation of brine and other waste substances associated with the exploration or development of oil and gas resources.”