Federal charges brought in Mahoning toxic radioactive frack waste dumping case

Vindy.com, Feb. 15: Lupo charged and released. Dumping has occurred on twenty occasions. Ohio AG Mike Dewine responds. Also see Ecowatch coverage here.

Earlier updates: Lupo admits ordering workers to dump waste six times since Sept. 2012, emptying two 21,000 gallon tanks each time. Vindy.com, Feb. 13, 2013

February 11, 2013: Business Journal story, excerpted here: “YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – D&L Energy owner and president Ben Lupo admitted to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency that he directed his employees to illegally discharge drilling wastewater on at least six different occasions since September, an OEPA official said Monday.

It means that potentially hundreds of thousands of gallons of contaminated waste could have been dumped into a storm drain and carried into the Mahoning River, Kurt Kollar, on scene coordinator for the OEPA, told reporters during a news conference in Mayor Chuck Sammarone’s office…”

See Bob Hagan’s commentary on this travesty of justice at Ecowatch.org  

More background of Youngstown frack waste dumping story in earlier ACFAN post (below).