ODNR and Jeff Harper can’t silence Athens County!

Updates on the Dec. 30 meeting and the 198 comments submitted on the K&H3 injection well proposal and more:

Complete coverage of ACFAN press release on the 198 comments opposing the K&H3 injection well application: AthensNews.com.

A few of the excellent comments are posted here: Bernhard Debatin: K&H3 comments, Roxanne Groff’s, and Athens Conservancy’s. 1-22-15

Great coverage of Athens County Commissioners’ December 30 meeting on the K&H3 injection well permit application. The meeting was the result of ACFAN’s request to the Commissioners to host a public meeting, given the timing of the public comment period over the holidays. At least 120 people attended the meeting. Dozens spoke, all opposed to the well. An audio recording of the meeting was submitted by the Commissioners to ODNR along with their own comments and those of citizens who requested the Commissioners report their opposition to the well.

Athens Messenger announces well. Permit (incomplete) application link here. Note that the permit application in the Messenger article is incomplete, omitting the Supplement page that lists 12,000 barrels as the “maximum” to be dumped daily. Even this is not a fixed amount and can be exceeded.

Model K&H3 comments 

E-mail: acfanohio@gmail.com to request the more complete application with supplement page.