Two more actions you can take to help stop the Wayne NF fracking lease auction before Dec. 13

Please help us change Regional USFS Forester Kathleen Atkinson’s mind and pull the parcels and consent from the BLM before Tuesday’s lease auction.

No fracking our state’s only National Forest. Appalachia is not disposable!

1. Please send U.S. Forest Service Region 9 Regional Forester Kathleen Atkinson whatever documentation you’d like her to read of  why fracking is harmful. Peer-reviewed research is especially important. Tell her this is new information — anything is new to her, since the Wayne has not evaluated fracking or reviewed the literature ever. Ask her to withdraw consent and to withdraw parcels slated for sale based on this new information.

Please request acknowledgment of your e-mail. Send to; cc Judi Henry: Atkinson has not evaluated fracking as required by law but is claiming that only “new information” will make her change her mind and withdraw consent.Visit’s water, air and health page and other acfan pages for downloadable documents and links to peer-reviewed research and other documentation of fracking’s harms to climate, air, water, human and animal health, and local economies.

(Since the BLM EA cited USEPA fracking study’s initial 2015 report, you might also cite the controversy around its stated conclusions, which contradict the evidence gathered for the report. See EPA’s Late Changes To Fracking Study Downplay Risk Of Drinking Water Pollution, Marketplace 11-30-16.)

2. Please contact Sen. Sherrod Brown’s office (202-224-2315) to insist that he live up to his claim that he’s concerned about climate change. Send his aide a copy of whatever you send to Atkinson/Henry: The senator can and should ask Ms. Atkinson to pull the parcels! Or Sherrod, who serves on the Senate Ag committee, can go straight to the head of USFS (part of Dep’t of Ag), Tom Tidwell to ask him to rein in the rogue Forester in Region 9.

Tell Kathleen Atkinson and Sherrod Brown: Stop Destroying Appalachia! Stop Sacrificing the Wayne! Stop the Auction!

Visit ACFAN’s Wayne pageresearch page and injection well/waste page and Save the Wayne and acfan’s facebook pages for more information and links; e-mail: acfanohio AT

See previous post for call-a-thon action. Calling is fine too but not instead of sending Ms. Atkinson the “new” [sic] information she needs!