They’re at it again!

In spite of both science and appeals from nearly 100,000 people, Kathleen Atkinson, U.S. Forest ServiceRegional Forester, allowed the Dec. 13 BLM auction to take place. Center for Biological Diversity is leading a coalition of environmental organizations in filing their intent to sue the government for this illegal and very dangerous action.

Now BLM has announced another sale of land for fracking in the same Marietta Unit of Wayne National Forest, slated for March 23.

Formal protests to the BLM must be postmarked or faxed by Feb. 13, 2017 (no e-mail protests will be accepted) and must include parcel numbers and why these parcels in particular should not be leased. BLM rejected all protests of the Dec. 2016 sale. Nevertheless, Center for Biological Diversity and its coalition partners will submit a formal protest. You are welcome to submit one too. See the BLM lease sale document for instructions and see CBD’s previous comments on behalf of ACFAN and Buckeye Forest Council for talking points.

Whether or not you file a formal protest, we encourage you to call Senator Brown’s office (202-224-2315, press #3 to speak to a real person) and demand he intervene. Senator Brown has stated publicly that the decision to frack public lands must be evaluated “carefully,” “responsibly, and with respect for the land and local tourism.” Since the USFS has NEVER EVALUATED fracking impacts on the Forest, let alone taken formal public input, this sale is illegal, irresponsible, and must be cancelled

Ask our elected official, Sherrod Brown, to act on his claims that he is concerned about climate and is concerned about the public having a voice in decisions that affect their National Forest.

Ask Senator Brown to demand that Regional Forester Atkinson withdraw the parcels. She is in charge of the Wayne and of the decision to allow it to be fracked. She can WITHDRAW the parcels, and the sale will be cancelled.

Ask Senator Brown to demand that Ms. Atkinson authorize a thorough Environmental Impact Statement on the impacts of fracking, as the National Environmental Policy Act requires, and which has NEVER been done for the Wayne.  Such a study requires evaluation of up-to-date science and a meaningful public input process. Other Foresters have required EIS studies of other forests, which have determined that, as is obvious, fracking will have significant impacts on air, climate, water, and forest health.

Please also call Regional Forester Kathleen Atkinson’s office (414-297-3765) and tell her the same. She is in charge of the Wayne and of the decision to allow it to be fracked. She can WITHDRAW the parcels, and the sale will be cancelled. She must do an EIS of fracking impacts. Our climate, forest health, and our communities’ sustainable economies are all at stake.

Senator Brown: 202-224-2315 (press #3 to speak to a real person)

Kathleen Atkinson: 414-297-3765