Fact Sheets and Issue Briefs

Cantino powerpoint handout for LBJ War on Poverty conference, Ohio University 4-5-14

PA League of Women Voters, SHALE GAS EXTRACTION AND PUBLIC HEALTH, A Resource Guide 12-13 

Why Isn’t the Obama Administration Doing a Better Job on Pipeline Safety? Lois Epstein, P.E. October 2013

Where the Jobs Are: “natural” gas creates 1.12 jobs per megawatt of energy produced vs. 32.71 jobs produced by solar voltaics: graphic. (“Figures shown here represent jobs per megawatt and include jobs in construction, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.”)

Injection wells: Support Ohio House Bill 148 to ban injection wells. Here’s why: Ohio Class II Injection wells — Did You Know? Write your state legislator and urge support of HB 148 to end injection of highly toxic, radioactive waste in Ohio communities. Injection wells are basically just holes in the ground.  All wells eventually corrode and leak. Class II wells are not built to receive hazardous waste. They are not monitored for leakage and contamination of water supplies.  More…

Open records request primer 3-13

Health care toolkits:

  1. Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy continuing   medical education modules 
  2. Health Concerns in the Era of Gas Drilling: A Basic Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

Truth and Lies about Well Construction November 2012

Radioactivity in Shale Waste November 2012

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea: How Gas Wells Leak, Oct. 2012

How Gas Wells Leak, powerpoint by Chip Northrup, Sept. 2012:

Physicians for Social Responsibility on fracking fluids June 2012

and PSR on health and environmental risks more broadly June 2012

Loopholes for Polluters: The oil and gas industry’s exemptions to major environmental laws Earthworks 2011

Fracking and the Food System Food and Water Watch issue brief June 2012

Fracking and Farmland: What Farmers and Landowners Need to Know About the Risks to Air, Water, and Land
The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association


High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing: Ten Reasons Why You Need to be Concerned
Buckeye Forest Council

Ohio’s Fracking Regulations (Or Lack Thereof!)

Buckeye Forest Council

Oil/Gas Drilling: Myths v. Reality
NEOGAP, revised February 2012

The Facts on Natural Gas: An Energy Policy Based on Natural Gas Would Leave Us Running on Empty Water Defense

NRDC petition to USEPA to take away oil & gas RCRA exemptions 2010. Still has not formally been addressed.