Petition to Anne Carey

For historical purposes only. Petition effort ended. For now.

Petition to Anne Carey to authorize an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
before releasing any Wayne land for oil and gas leasing


  • The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires that the Wayne consider potential impacts on the human environment, consider environmental and socioeconomic impacts on the region, including on drinking water supplies, and consider public input in an Environmental Impact Statement before authorizing any significant action,
  •  the 2006 Wayne National Forest Plan and its EIS did not consider deep-shale high-volume horizontal drilling and fracturing (HVHF),
  • HVHF is clearly a significant action,
  • Anne Carey has the discretionary power to authorize an EIS,
  • The Wayne is obligated to consider impacts on and from actions on all its land, whether or not it owns the mineral rights.

WE the undersigned call for Anne Carey to authorize an EIS in order to provide a full environmental and socioeconomic analysis of HVHF impacts and full public participation on this decision that may affect public and environmental health and the social and economic well being and viability of our county. We consider this the only legal, ethical, and moral choice.

To write to Anne Carey, send to Please cc Rachel Orwan, Wayne NEPA Coordinator (, Chuck Myers, Regional Forester of the Eastern Region ( and Elizabeth Sporcich, Eastern Region (  Wayne petition to print.

Petition drive closed. Thanks for your support!