Tell your bank: Stop funding fossil fuels! Defund climate change!

If you bank at Chase (or at Wells Fargo, Citi, or Bank of America, all the top funders of fossil fuels) or have credit cards hosted by these banks (which include Amazon and Starbucks Rewards, airline and hotel cards and more), do you know how they use YOUR MONEY? They use it to lend to fossil fuel companies that are causing CLIMATE DEVASTATION.

You can take your money out or stop using credit cards hosted by these banks and send the bank a message about why you are switching – to protect our planet! Join thousands of others and send your bank’s CEO a message – stop funding fossil fuels NOW!

The U.S. and the whole world are experiencing disastrous effects of climate change – severe storms, floods, droughts, and fires. Yet coal, oil and gas industries continue their toxic production of greenhouse gases. This can happen only because major banks fund them with huge loans. And Chase Bank just happens to be the worst!

Divesting YOUR money from fossil fuels. Why is DIVESTMENT important and how do you do it?

  1. Each time you use a credit card, a portion goes to the bank. If you have a Chase Account, switch to another. (You don’t have to close the account, so research how closing an account will affect your credit score.) To have the biggest impact, close the Chase account and tell them why – and choose a local credit union to keep more of your money local.
  2. Other Chase cards to avoid include South West Air, United Airlines, British Airways, Amazon Rewards, IHG, Starbucks Rewards, AARP, Marriott, Hyatt, Disney Visa, and Chase Freedom.
  3. You can look for an especially socially responsible card, such as Green America Visa. For cash back on debit card purchases, consider an debit card card, which avoids investing in fossil fuels. Visit for more information.
  4. Contact Jamie Dimon, Chase CEO, 212-270-1111. Tell him to stop funding fossil fuel companies and support the transition to clean energy. Tell him why you’re switching your money from Chase!  

See the Banking on Climate Chaos 2022 report for more!