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“‘We just want our day in court.’ — Dusty Hagy of Romance, West Virginia  — In 1989, Dusty and Tamera Hagy bought 81 rural acres in Jackson County, West Virginia.  Twenty-one years later, the Hagys sued 4 natural gas drilling firms alleging the natural gas wells drilled on their property in 2008 contaminated their drinking water and caused physical harm.”  More… 

On the other hand, “a McMullen County family that has battled a pipeline company since 2009 continued to prevail in court last week….”, 2-24-13,  More…

Sept. 2012: Acfan was one of over a hundred groups nationwide that signed onto an Environmental Working Group letter to Richard Cordray, head of the new U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, calling on the Bureau to investigate the shale industry’s deceptive practices that conceal the industry’s inherent risks from potential leasors. “We encourage the CFPB to look into the risks that homeowners and their families face in signing these lease contracts, such as inadvertently signing away their property rights and potentially losing the value of their homes or being stuck with water unsafe to drink,” said Ellen Bloom, director of federal policy for Consumers Union.

An Ohio Landowners Guide to Hydraulic Fracturing: Addressing Environmental and Health Issues in Natural Gas Leases

Harvard Law School: Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic
Sample lease clauses on page 40

Protect Yourself If You Sign a Lease: Include these important points

The Ohio Dormant Minerals Act
A process for addressing abandoned mineral interests


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Mandatory Pooling

Mandatory Pooling Overview
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