PROFORESTATION, not cutting and replanting trees, is KEY to climate protection. Bill Moomaw, 3-21

Wayne National Forest visit by community members and forest mushrooms!

Forest mushrooms and citizens concerned about management of Ohio’s only National Forest attended the Wayne NF Open House on March 3, 2020, to welcome Carrie Gilbert, the Wayne’s new Forest Supervisor, and to share their concerns about the Wayne’s Plan revision process.  People across Ohio and the U.S. have been protesting oil and gas leasing, burning, and timber cutting in our Forest for decades. People are unhappy. Roxanne Groff welcomes the crowd…

Hazardous, radioactive chemicals documented by USEPA at site of Monroe County frack site explosion and fire. NBC4, Columbus:

NBC4: Columbus, Ohio News, Weather, and Sports (WCMH-TV)

Crissa Cummings and Peggy Gish on WOUB discussing K&H wells and direct action necessary to stop this dangerous invasion:

Stop Fracked Gas Exports. Chesapeake Climate Action Cove Point FERC and beyond, July 13, 2014:

John Fenton warning Australians what frackland looks like: 

Danish fractivism. No words necessary.

Great interview on MSNBC with Calvin Tillman re Tillerson lawsuit against water tower. 2-26-14

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Hydraulic Fracturing’s Myths and Realities  (U. of Chicago, 1-23-14):

Anthony Ingraffea discusses his latest research, not yet published, on well failure rates and reviews the latest research on methane emission rates: (Nov. 21, 2013)

The perfect home. The perfect family. One HUGE

What did she just say??

Deb Cowden, M.D. on health impacts from fracking air pollution 9-13:

Don’t Frack Ohio 2, July 29, 2013: BAN INJECTION WELLS NOW! Support Ohio HB 148 and Ohio SB 178!

Vera against Goliath:

Mayflower AK resident told not to discuss pipeline rupture at federal Pipeline Safety conference 6-13 More here.

You’ve Been Fracked

“You Can’t Drink Money!” Jenny Morgan and legislators at Statehouse rally, 1-12:

Frackalypse Now

Visit for more information.

Sandra Steingraber presents letters from fracking victims to Illinois officials, 5-13:

Steingraber discussing problems with Illinois legislative process here.

Steingraber testimony to Illinois legislature 5-13:

(text of Steingraber testimony HERE and excerpted at length HERE)

Applied Frackonomics (or the Yestauranteurs go to Washington?):

Ex-oil rig worker blasts shale industry:

Van Jones on Keystone–Obama tar sands pipeline?

Athens welcomes ODNR to “open house” 11-28-12:

and lyrics to Tim Pfaff’s fracking song.

And another town does the same:

Dehydrator facility Marcellus Shale Reality Tour #10:

Rancher John Fenton’s warning to Ohio:

Drs. Michelle Bamberger and Robert Oswald: Impacts on Animals:

(5-3-12; their talks start at 13:00 on tape)

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea on Well Construction, 2012:

Chesapeake venting chemicals (FLIR camera used to detect volatile organics):

WV Host Farms: Diane Pitcock’s farm adjoins the well pad pictured in this video. The video was filmed from Diane’s land. This is one well pad of four on the neighbors’ property that together have 27 horizontal wells on them:

Dr. Wendy Lynne Lee:

The Good Ole’ Boy Extraction Club: The Pseudo-Patriotic and Pervasively Patriarchal Culture of Hydraulic Fracturing (Why Breast Cancer is the Canary in the Fracking Coal Mine) (text available here)

Wayne National Forest decision ignores science and community to move ahead with leasing plans:  

WTAP Parkersurg TV interviews local organizer Heather Cantino, retired natural resources professor Rebecca Wood, business owner Christine Hughes, and Wayne National Forest Supervisor Anne Carey (9-6-12). Note factual error by reporter: it is 13 well sites, not 13 wells that the Wayne plans to authorize. 13 sites can mean 130 wells. Since Ohio law permits all volatile organic emissions (23 TONS per well) to be released directly into the air, air pollution alone may mean 6 million pounds of additional air pollution from well emissions alone. This does not count truck traffic or methane emissions. Also note Risberg’s commentary disguised as fact that the wells are designed to be drilled “safely.” What is the evidence for her statement? Carey’s explanation is certainly not reassuring.

On the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring‘s publication, what have we learned?

Powerful interviews of folks in PA from

Sandra Steingraber’s speech and poem, Marcellus, at sustainability conf. 2011

Don’t Frack the Wayne July 2012:

Don’t Frack the Wayne at Wayne Open House July 2012

My body of water


Christine Moore and her family lived a dream life rescuing horses deep inside Ohio’s Amish country. But when her neighbors began leasing their land for fracking, her peace of mind gave way to a mental tug of war…Fractured captures her story.

Puppet Gas:

Southeast Ohioans on Fracking:

Frack Traffic in Pennsylvania:

Ohio, Get Fractive!

Marcellus Shale Stories:

What’s the alternative to Fracking? Dr. Gay Canough, ETM Solar Works explains… CLIMATE 101: