Coverage of Stop the Frack Attack and other events around the U.S.

Although mainstream media ignored the gathering of 5000 people from as far away as Australia and S. Africa on July 28, there have been great videos and print stories online emerging ever since. Check them out! 

Several cars full of Athens County folks attended. Friday’s strategy discussion by 100 attendees was inspiring. Saturday, 5000 people came by car, bus, train, and bike from a dozen states, including Colorado, Idaho, Texas, and Oregon, and from as far as Australia and South Africa. Check out Bill Baker’s (Occupy Earth), ecowatchTV, and other excellent videos, including Josh Fox and others speaking, a vimeo accompanied by a Bach cello suite, and WV tv coverage of attendees speaking out. Print coverage at alternetecowatch.orgas well as on the moral and faith messages that began the rally. Check out for upcoming events around the nation as well as truth-out on other events that took place this summer around the country and corp watch on activities in Europe.